Strata Law

One in five Australians live in Strata properties!

There are three million Strata titled properties in Australia, with an estimated 20% of the population living in, or investing in residential and commercial property under Strata law

When you have that many people living in such close proximity, no wonder there are disagreements.

We represent owners corporations, Strata committees and anyone living or investing in, or involved with Strata properties in a range of strata law issues and disputes.

Strata Dispute Resolution

If you’re involved in a Strata dispute, like any other dispute, we recommend trying to resolve the issue out of court to begin with. We can act as a mediator, and bring a wealth of Strata law knowledge to the table. We’ll only engage when fully aware of the political climate in the strata, which is often key to obtaining an agreement.

We also have a range of professional expertise to draw on, depending on the nature of the dispute, so whatever strata law issue your facing, we can handle it.

  • Strata and Community Title Law Advice
  • Breach of duty to maintain and
    repair common property
  • Loss of rent/damages claims
  • Unauthorised works to common property
  • By-law disputes
  • Making special by-laws
  • Litigation and Dispute resolution
  • Disputes between Lot Owners
  • Disputes between Lot Owners and Owners Corporation
  • Disputes with Strata Agents