Drink Driving

Hang on to your licence, with a good drink driving defence.

There’s no getting around it – drink driving is a really serious offence. If you’ve been charged with drink driving, we can help.

We’ll discuss and review the situation, and then advise you on the best course of action, including any drink driving defences that might be applicable in your circumstances.

Drink Driving – Pleading Guilty

While drink driving can be successfully defended in some circumstances, pleading guilty and seeking leniency may also be a sound legal option.

If that’s the course of action you choose, we’ll submit all the mitigating factors to the court on your behalf. This will include character references, and all the relevant paperwork to include in your case.

Drink Driving – Section 10 Dismissal

You may receive a Section 10 with or without a period of good behaviour. In that case you would not lose your licence, or be fined, and if you comply with any good behaviour period – a conviction will not be recorded.

If you don’t receive a Section 10, however, there’s still a chance we can achieve a lower disqualification period, and a smaller fine. In more serious cases we can sometimes avert a prison sentence, in exchange for a non-custodial penalty.

Drink Driving – Fixed Fee Defence

If you decide to plead guilty there’s a set procedure to follow, and in those circumstances we’re happy to offer you a fixed fee*.

This usually includes:

First Court Appearance

We’ll appear before the court on your behalf, generally seeking to adjourn the matter
while you complete a Traffic Offenders Intervention Program.

Second Court Appearance

The next appearance will be at your sentencing hearing, where we’ll seek leniency from the court on your behalf. In our court submission, we will present mitigating factors along with all supporting documentation.

Fixed Fee – Exceptions

If the case becomes more complex, or goes on longer than outlined above then we’ll provide an estimate of costs for the entirety of your matter. Please note, our fixed fee only applies to Sydney Metropolitan Courts. Additional costs will be quoted in advance for travel to regional NSW Courts.

For more details, or to discuss our fixed fee costs, please contact us here